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"Our face is an important part of our identity."

It allows us to interact with the world around us but also carries out many vital functions. The eyelids protect our vision; the nose allows us to breathe and smell; our lips and mouth allows us to speak, eat, and drink. The composition of these distinct units creates the face and even small disturbances are picked up by the naked eye.

When larger disturbances occur, such as from trauma or cancer removal, the results can be devastating from a functional and aesthetic standpoint which can lead to social isolation and the loss of self. That is why much effort has been dedicated to the field of facial and head and neck reconstruction to help restore the form and function of the face through advance surgical procedures.

There is still much to learn about this revolutionary procedure and with more and more patients undergoing this experimental, yet life-altering procedure our knowledge continues to grow. Research is ongoing into how to detect signs of rejection earlier so that intervention can be instituted before the rejection is irreversible.

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Dr. Yadro Ducic MD FRCS(C) FACS

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Dr. Likith Reddy MD DDS

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